TAMPA, Fla. – Veterans can take part in a free program that trains and certifies veterans in software widely used by law enforcement, cybersecurity and national security agencies.

This training is part of an initiative by IBM and Corporate America Supports You to help local veterans translate their military experience into high-skilled jobs. The Veteran Employment Accelerator Grant program provides returning service members with hands-on training, certification, and job placement assistance in the tech sector.

“A widening gap exists between available, qualified, cybersecurity professionals and unfilled positions,” IBM said in a statement. “This gap is expected to leave 1.8 million jobs unfilled by 2022. Programs designed to build in-demand technology skills are needed to prepare veterans for “new collar” careers — skilled positions, such as data and cybersecurity analysts, positions that require specific skills but not necessarily a four-year degree.”

Here’s how you can sign up for the program.