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Become part of a continually growing market and learn the skill to break into high tech careers such as Cloud Computing, Big Data, Data Visualization, Project Management, and Web Development. We help motivated individuals who lack formal technical education, develop technical and professional development skills needed to successfully compete in the technology space.

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You'll invest in hard work and create career opportunities for unemployed and underemployed Veterans and military families.

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Our Tech Program

VetEngage locates resources and works with partners to assist unemployed and underemployed veterans and military families into tech careers.
Since our program launched in 2017 and our partners have trained hundreds of motivated Veterans and military families with an aptitude for technology. We’re putting hard-working veterans back into the workforce where they can earn family-sustaining wages and drive the economic growth of this country.

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Empower Veterans

We have the ability to inspire the tech workforce of the future, but we must go to the students. Founded by veterans and backed by our partners, Vetengage introduces veterans and military to the many possibilities of technology careers and guide them to the tech career of their choosing.
Through curricula, projects, partnerships and mentorship, we aim to spark interest and passion for technology through meaningful engagement. By connecting veterans to the promise of technology today, we hope to build a workforce of technologists for tomorrow.

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John Thomas
Jason Hendricks
Based within the Big Data Delivery team in Atlanta, GA. Regularly working with extremely large datasets to
Natasha Devos
I am a data scientist, focusing upon the introduction of video advertising into our apps. I worked previou
Billy Hopkins
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Anna Warson